IT That Powers Your Vision

Comvision was formed in 2004 to provide growing organisations with an outsourced IT Management solution that delivers the levels of service and professionalism you would expect from a full time IT Management team in a corporate environment.

We had witnessed that many companies across a range of industries were struggling to maintain an efficient and effective IT environment and were suffering from increasing downtime and spiralling IT budgets through the unplanned, ad-hoc and break/fix style of support that is quite often delivered to small and medium business. We identified that these organisations could benefit from a more structured and managed approach to IT support and maintenance. Through a strong focus on procedure, documentation and communication in conjunction with a commitment to continual learning and process improvement we have developed an IT management model that can scale from supporting 5 to 500 users.

We don’t simply seek to resolve IT problems, but place a focus on real business solutions that match your requirements and ensure that through our emphasis on strong communication and proper management your IT system provides you with the best platform for increased productivity and business continuity.