Improved Efficiency, Reduced Costs

Server Virtualisation and Cloud Computing provides organisations with the ability to dramatically reduce hardware expenditure and capital costs while leveraging the high performance and scalability of modern Server platforms.

In the past an organisation may have required multiple Servers to run their Email, File Access, and Database Systems, costing tens of thousands of dollars in capital expenditure and ongoing support. With Virtualisation multiple Servers can be independently run on a single hardware platform, fully utilising the available resources of the Server and providing substantial savings.

Cloud Computing replaces functions that were previously performed by an in-house system (such as Spam filtering and Data Backup) and transfers them to an external party. Through paying for the function purely as a service the responsibility of hardware and software purchases, ongoing maintenance and support costs are completely removed from the organisation.

Comvision is a certified partner with VMWare, and we are able to configure and support a Virtualised or Cloud Environment that matches your needs.

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