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Many organisations suffer from directing their IT budget at a break/fix style of support. In the vast majority of cases this leads to increased costs and lower productivity as the organisation is perpetually ‘chasing its tail’ applying band-aid fixes to old and failing systems with no thought to their overall strategy and business needs.

This ad-hoc method of IT support leaves the organisation with an irregularly configured Network that suffers from extended periods of downtime, and business managers without a clear picture of how their IT systems operate, what their IT budget should be and where gains in productivity and reliability can be made.

Utilising our extensive Business IT and Management knowledge we assist our customers in ensuring that all facets of their IT systems are directed toward providing them with the most stable, efficient and effective platform from which to conduct their business. Whether it is consolidating Server roles and information flow or developing a secure centralised document management system we can assist you.

Case Studies

Comvision have provided a wide range of business solutions for our customers and have a range of case studies for you to view.

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